Year End Career Essentials


Career Myths and Mysteries

Marti Benjamin, MBA, PCC

Certified Career Management Coach | Certified Professional Résumé Writer

 As you wrap up this year and prepare for the next, remember these essential career tasks:

  1. Accomplishments. Make a list of your quantifiable career accomplishments during 2015. Include metrics—percentage, dollars, time. For example, “Reduced customer inquiry response time by 50% through work flow improvement,” or “Increased territory sales by 25%.”

Think about your accomplishments in terms of the value you added to your employer’s business: time saved, expense reduced, revenue generated or risk averted.

  1. Skills. How have you developed your skills in the past year? Note what classes, webinars in-service training programs or other educational offerings you completed. If you attended conferences, workshops, seminars or professional association meetings, list the topics you covered.

As with your accomplishments, the focus is on how you used your enhanced skills to contribute to the business. How did you apply your new skills productively?

  1. Recognition. During 2015, for what did your manager recognize you? This might have been formal recognition, such as an award or prize, or it might have been noted in your performance review. Consider this question: “For what are you known in your workplace?”


  1. Social Media Network Updates. Review your connections on LinkedIn and Facebook or other social media you use for career development. Have you expanded your network based on clear goals for enhancing your professional relationships?

Too many careerists ignore their online networks. They create an account and then forget about it until they need connections to help with introductions or job leads. Don’t be that person!

Your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles should be updated at least once a year. This is a great time to incorporate some of the accomplishments, skills and recognition to provide a fresh look at how you’ve developed in the past 12 months.

  1. Look Forward. The New Year is a good time to set your career development goals. What new skills will complement your current profile? What problems in your industry would you like to solve and how would you go about doing so?

Stretch a bit beyond your comfort zone to set ambitious and challenging goals. Feel a healthy level of stress about reaching your new dream. Be both reasonable and optimistic.

 Marti Benjamin inspires great work-lives in her career coaching and résumé writing business. Enjoying the best possible job in the world for herself, she guides her clients to find the work that fits them perfectly. Her systems have led clients from fed-up and frustrated to fulfilled in their work-life.


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