Barbara I.

I needed to refresh my Resume and dreaded going through the process AGAIN! Len Mayo at CareerFromHere was recommended by a reliable source and I was very pleased. Len is a true wordsmith and rewrote my history without missing a beat regarding who I am and what I have accomplished. He is a polished, innovative professional with an eye for designing an exciting page and crafting creative, powerful statements. He worked quickly, effortlessly and offered succinct suggestions. Len is very responsive and kind and delivered a ‘handsome’ Resume within my timeline. It felt as though he threw me a lifeline lifting a burden that weighed so heavily upon me. I would highly recommend Len Mayo as an addition to one’s team of resources.

Hillary A.

Because I left my career 18 years ago to stay home with my children, I had a huge gap in employment. Marti took all of my most recent experiences in volunteering and managing my family to show the job skills I’ve gained while not officially working. Thanks to her I have a resume that I feel very confident sending to any job that comes my way.

Christine B. Kronkow

“As a busy executive with 30+ years’ experience, I was challenged to write a resume that captured my career accomplishments and presented them in a way that showed my talents.”- April 2012

Philip Moore

“I have for years dreamt of the ideal career. Marti took those dreams, and using her past experience, gave me detailed steps to get to that ideal career. I have now only to implement those steps to get there.”  May 2012

Susan Whitcomb

“I’ve seen Marti in action as a professional coach, speaker/trainer, and careers thought leader on multiple occasions. In every instance, she connects the dots that lead to insight, energy, and on- point action.” June 2012

Kathie Sheehy

“Marti looked at a long list of my skills and composed a resume that succinctly and strategically lists my accomplishments. Because of her professional design work, I’m sure I’ll be getting many more requests for interviews.” July 2012

Kathy Malone-Griego

“Marti is an extremely intuitive and compassionate coach. Her passion for helping others better their lives through meaningful employment is tangible. Marti listens deeply to her clients and “meets them where they are” to discover how best to support them.” July 2010

John Courtney

“Marti is a great critical thinker and problem solver and an excellent coach. She is highly adept in helping job seekers and others over the challenging hurdles that often stand between them and success.” April 2012

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