Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome your questions about Career From Here—our career coaching services, career management processes and qualifications!

Here are a few of  the questions we’ve been asked in the past; you may find answers to your questions here. If not, please contact us; we’re happy to help.

How can a career coach help me?

Career coaches use proven career guidance methods to clarify focus and counsel on your career building activities. Just as a personal trainer directs your exercise to achieve your fitness goal, your career coach guides you through the activities that produce the results you want for your career, whether that’s a promotion, new position, a new career or even sorting out which career to choose next.

Your career coach addresses your specific goals: choosing a career direction, conducting a job search, becoming promote-able, resolving career challenges or increasing career satisfaction.

Some, but not all career coaches, are also trained in designing and writing career communication documents, such as resumes, cover letters, social media profiles, marketing briefs and case studies.


What’s the process of career coaching? How long will it take? How often do we meet? What will I have to do?


We’ll begin with what you know about your career goals.Some clients are at the “I need a career, but which career is the right one for me?” stage. Others know what they don’t want—“I don’t want to continue what I’m doing now!”—but don’t know how to find a new career or what steps to take next. We’ll start by setting goals for our work together focusing on what you want to accomplish.

Length of time:

Your goals will determine the length of time we’ll work together. If you just want a new resume, that will take less time than if you plan to change career fields and aren’t sure where you want to go or how to get there.


We’ll agree on our meeting schedule once we know your specific goals. As a general guideline, we’ll meet weekly, but that schedule is flexible and can vary depending on your goals.

Your Role:

You’ll have assignments from every coaching session—research, writing, exercises. It’s important that you allow a few hours each week to complete these assignments. Doing so will help us keep on track and on time.

Will you find me a job?

No. We can offer career advice on where and how to find a job, but we can’t do the work for you. Career coaching can help you determine your direction and design your job search strategy, offer accountability and support, and counsel you on positioning yourself in the best way possible for the job you want.

When you and your coach are both doing your work, it’s more likely you’ll find the job you want faster than you would working on your own.

What success have you had with previous career coaching clients?

Overall, 80% of my clients come to me from previous satisfied clients who are now happy in their great work-life. (Please see testimonials for more information). My previous clients continue to use my services for ongoing career management and career communications services.

What does career coaching cost?

Career coaching probably costs less than what you’re paying in lost opportunity and compensation by not using a career specialist. The true cost of coaching isn’t the fees you’ll pay—it includes the time and frustration you experience in trying to sort out this complicated process without expert help.

Coaching fees vary according to service and the length of the coaching engagement. We’re happy to provide you with detailed fee information once we’ve determined that you and your coach are a good coaching match and that we both fully understand the scope of the services you require.

Do you have references?

Yes, and we’re happy to share them with you once we’ve talked and determine that we are a good coaching match.

What types of clients have the best results?

For career coaching services, the people we work best with:

  • Commit to
    • 3 – 4 months to prepare their in-depth career action plan
    • 3-5 hours per week for coaching appointments and assignments
    • investing $1,500 to $5,000 (depending on your specific needs) for career management services
    • taking courageous action to design career strategy and tactics
  • Professional, with two or more years work experience in their field
  • Aspire to work that’s richly rewarding, both financially and personally
  • Have fun in this important process

For career communications documents only, we work with a wide variety of clients, from new grads to C-suite candidates. We work best with candidates who are:

  • Motivated to complete their CareerComm documents thoroughly
  • Willing to participate by responding to questions completely and timely
  • Open and up-front with questions, concerns and preferences

Why should I choose you as my career coach?

Great question—thanks for asking that! To get acquainted with Marti Benjamin, here are some of the important things you should know about her.

Marti Benjamin—Champion for a great work-life.

Marti’s found that it’s not only possible, but also richly rewarding to have great work and a great life. She’s gone from a job that ate her life to work she loves and now she can’t imagine ever doing anything other than career and business coaching.

With a strong business background (MBA & 20+ year’s business leadership) and an insatiable curiosity, Marti researches current trends and opportunities in business, career management and job search. She’s a stickler for proven methods so she doesn’t jump on every passing fad, preferring to go with those that are based on sound research.

Marti could be the coach for you if you:

  • Want to build your natural strengths for a great work-life
  • Are ready to explore options for your career path and career communication documents
  • Have a sense of humor and want to have fun while exploring serious topics
  • Can make a commitment and honor your promises for appointments and assignments

Other Coaches: Certified and Professional

We work with other career coaches who have also earned certification and are committed to the highest standards of professional ethics. If Marti Benjamin isn’t the right coach for you, we’ll happily refer you to other exceptional career coaches we know will provide excellent service.

Contact us to further explore career coaching or career communication documents.


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