Essentials of Career Managment

By: Marti Benjamin, MBA

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How engaged are you in managing your career?

In the past, employers—particularly large companies—took care of much of their employee’s career planning through learning programs and positions of increasing responsibility. They offered training and education support, promotions based on seniority, mentoring, conference registration fees, professional development sabbaticals and other benefits. Employers believed that they should develop their own workforce for the company’s future needs.

In the current business world, few employers take primary responsibility for their employee’s development. Some CEOs have boldly told their employees that each person is 100% responsible for his or her own career. Others have simply reduced the budget for employee development and prefer to search outside the company for the talent they need rather than developing it in-house. Employees expecting their employer to take care of their career needs are facing a shrinking group of companies willing to assume that role.

Take total responsibility

What does it mean to be totally responsible for your own career?

First, it means developing a career plan; not a vague goal, but a plan that specifies what you want to achieve, by when and the specific milestones to mark your progress. Begin with the question, “How will I be more valuable to an employer twelve months from now?” To answer that question, you’ll need to research trends and learn where your target industry is headed and what changes are occurring now.

Don’t forget to develop your people skills along with your technical aptitude. Interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence will be as important as your technical or position-specific knowledge and talent. In fact, many employers rate your EQ (emotional intelligence quotient) as more important than your IQ (intelligence quotient). If you’re brilliant in your field but can’t fit the company culture or get along with others, you’re a less attractive candidate than the one who has strong people skills and needs to learn the technical role.

Be visible

Maintain visibility in your chosen career field by involvement with professional associations and networking groups. Participate in discussion boards and LinkedIn Groups.

Careers professionals estimate that 80% of jobs are filled through networks and word-of-mouth! These jobs are never posted on the job boards (Indeed, CareerBuilder, Simply Hired) so if you aren’t connected to the right people, you’ll never know when a position is available.

Invest in visibility in the right places—the professional group serving your industry or specialty. The cost of membership is an investment that will pay dividends if you’re diligent in your networking efforts.

Maintain contact with your past employers and colleagues.  Give and get information about your field or industry. Build mutually beneficial professional relationships and offer assistance as often as possible.

Be known

Become an expert in the future of your chosen career. Study the relevant trends and developments. Read trade journals and publications. Attend meetings and conferences, even if you’re paying for them out of your own pocket.

Be better

Continuously upgrade your skills. Take classes and earn appropriate certifications.

Find volunteer opportunities where you can use your skills to showcase your talent and make valuable connections.  Add your volunteer experience to your resume.  It will demonstrate to a future employer that you’re serious about your career.

Marti Benjamin inspires great work-lives in her career and business coaching practice. While enjoying the best possible job in the world for herself, she guides her clients to find the work that fits them perfectly. Her systems have led clients from fed-up and frustrated to fulfilled in their work-life.,




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