Designing Your Great Work-Life

Have you taken the time to create a richly detailed mental picture of what it will be like when you are thriving in your work-life?

Balance Work LifeI work with a coaching client who has been diligently focusing on just that. She begins each day by describing what she wants to create that moves her closer to her grandest dreams. She’s clear about the life she wants and every day, she consciously commits to moving one (or more) step(s) closer to that vision. When she states her daily intention, she describes it as though it has already happened, as in, “Today was a great day. I closed a sale and earned $3,000.”

I was so impressed with her focus and the results she was achieving that I decided I’d experiment with her practice, exactly as she had described it. I awoke and, while still in that not-quite-awake state, said, “Today was great—I added a new coaching client who’s excited to be working on a new career direction.” Five hours later, I received an email from someone I had coached several years ago inquiring as to whether I would be able to work with her on planning the next phase of her career.

Neuroscientists are discovering evidence to support the notion that when we are deliberate in stating our goals and intentions, we initiate a mental process that helps us take the actions to move in that direction. I don’t believe that I can wake up every morning, state a big, outrageous goal, and sit back and wait for it to happen. I do believe that when I have a clear direction and intention, understand what I’m working toward and describe the steps I’ll take to get there, opportunities present themselves that I may have overlooked if I hadn’t defined my outcome.

This isn’t really a new concept. Remember in the Alice in Wonderland story how the Cheshire cat responded when Alice ask for directions? He asked where she was going and she told him she didn’t know. And he replied that if she didn’t know where she was going, any road would get her there.

Successful people throughout history have advised us to be clear about what we’re striving for and to plan steps accordingly. Take the time to describe your great work-life clearly and commit to it whole-heartedly. Then, take small steps in that direction every single day.

Coaching question: What does your great work-life look like?

Marti Benjamin inspires great work-lives in her business and career coaching practice. In this, her third career devoted to service to others, she applies the discipline of business while executing the mission of service. Since founding Business Energetix in 2004, Marti’s proprietary coaching systems have led fed-up professionals from frustration to a richly rewarding work-life.

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