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Career Myths and Mysteries

Marti Benjamin, MBA, PCC

Certified Career Management Coach | Certified Professional Résumé Writer

Contrary to this popular career myth, December is an excellent time to search for your next great job.

There’s a common misperception that employers aren’t hiring in December because they’re too busy with their end-of-year processes or everyone’s on vacation. Not so!

Less competition

You can benefit from this common career myth by actively engaging in your job search while the ranks are thinned by those who believe nothing is going to happen during the final month of the year. With less competition, it’s the perfect time to shine.

Work continues

Employers hire because there’s work to be done in their company. Unless the company’s business cycle is seasonal, the need for quality employees continues through the holidays.

Annual budgets expire

For some employers, the annual budget cycle ends in December and the money allocated for the current year isn’t carried over to the next. Managers in those companies and government entities understand that they’re likely to lose the budgeted dollars in the next year if they aren’t committed. If the work load justifies a position, the manager doesn’t want to lose the resources to pay for it and will try to fill the position by year-end.

Networking opportunities abound

Get out there and mingle in the professional world with holiday gatherings and charity events that are prevalent during December. Meet people who are engaged in your field and begin to build or enhance your business relationships. Remember, more than 70% of positions are filled without ever being advertised. Networking works if you work it well.


The holidays offer an opportunity for you to follow-up with people you’ve overlooked in your professional network. Connect with them and raise your visibility again. If you can identify an unmet need of theirs, do what you can to fill it: introduce them to someone who meets their current need, provide a testimonial or recommendation (Google, Yelp, LinkedIn), share an article or video addressing a problem common to their industry.


Whether for your professional association or a community service organization, use this time to become engaged in giving back. Your experience will make a strong addition to your résumé and if you’re working with others, it’s a chance to expand your network.

December offers many opportunities to build on established connections and to create new ones. Enjoy the season and always be nurturing your professional network.

Marti Benjamin inspires great work-lives in her career coaching and résumé writing business. Enjoying the best possible job in the world for herself, she guides her clients to find the work that fits them perfectly. Her systems have led clients from fed-up and frustrated to fulfilled in their work-life.



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