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It’s important that you choose the career professional that best fits your style, needs and goals. So please read this page carefully to determine if we’re a good match.

Profile of our Best-Fit Clients

The clients we work best with understand the value of their career and the benefit of investing time and money to create a great work-life.

CareerCommunications Documents

If you’re interested in CareerCommunications—resume, social media profile, career success stories, cover letters, case studies, marketing brief, bio—please complete this short questionnaire.

You can also submit your current resume for a no-cost review. We’ll offer suggestions for how to create a stronger job search tool.

Career Coaching

For career coaching services, the best-fit clients are:

  • Willing and able to commit to:
    • 3 – 4 months to prepare their in-depth career action plan
    • 3-5 hours per week for coaching appointments and assignments
    • invest $1,500 to $5,000 (depending on specific needs) for career management services
    • try new approaches to their career strategy
  • 35-55+ years of age
  • Professional, with two or more years work experience in their field
  • Aspire to work that’s richly rewarding, both financially and personally
  • Have fun in the serious process of career management

Working Together

Career management can’t be outsourced or delegated! We can’t complete assessments, prepare a killer career action plan or CareerCommunication materials without your full participation every step of the way. This is not work your office manager or spouse can do for you…this process requires your full engagement.

We’ll work through an iterative process building toward your actionable career plan or career communication material. We’ll ask many questions and you’ll reflect and research options.

As with any strong partnership, this one will succeed when we are both committed to the same goal and pool our resources for the best outcome possible.

Next Steps

If the best-fit profile describes you and you’re ready to learn more about Career Coaching, please complete this Career Coaching questionnaire and send it by email to



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